Friday, October 19, 2012

LISTEN - Greyson Chance RX 93.1 Philippines Radio Interview – Is Sick But Still RAPS!!

Greyson Chance just called in to RX 93.1 in Manila and gave an interview about his upcoming trip to the Philippines in November.

Greyson started by telling his hosts that he way lying in bed with a bad cold and was "very very sick" and to ignore his sneezing and coughing.

Greyson talked about his new EP "Truth Be Told Part 1" and his "Whirly" oragan that he uses on "Sunshine & City Lights".

Greyson also answered a few fan questions but the BEST part was when the hosts got Greyson to RAP!! Yes, you read that correctly..... RAP.

Listen to Greyson Chance on RX 93.1 Radio Manila

Greyson’s new EP “Truth Be Told” will be available in Asia and YouTube on October 29, 2012 and elsewhere in the World in January.

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  1. do we need to buy the album in order to see greyson ?

  2. I missed the show actually, thanks for posting it here :D

  3. i can't even....... OMGREYSON <3 i love the way he rapped! Hahaha, he's so adorable! Can't wait to see him tomorrow.


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