Monday, October 15, 2012

PHILIPPINES – Greyson Chance Promo Tour Updates - Ayala Mall - November 11th

Greyson Chance performing in Manila Philippines earlier this year November 2012
Greyson Chance performing in Manila Philippines earlier this year

Some new details about Greyson Chance’s upcoming trip to Asia are starting to emerge and the first promo locations for his visit to the Philippines have been announced.

Greyson will perform at the Ayala Mall Complex on November 11th 2012. He will be at the "Market! Market! Activity Center" at 2:30 p.m. and the "TriNoma Activity Center" at 6:30 p.m.

Market! Market! is located at Mabini Avenue corner of McKinley Parkway, Bonifacio Global City, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, Philippines.

Greyson Chance Photo Shoot in Manila Philippines
Greyson photo shoot in Manila
The mall complex is part of the “Bonifacio Global City” and is a first of its kind development in the Philippines putting traditional and non-traditional retailers and wholesalers within a mall setting.

Greyson has already been to the Philippines several times this year and you can see all of our posts, videos, concert footage, and interviews at our special "Greyson Chance in the Philippines" link.

The primary focus of Greyson’s trip will be to promote the October release of his new EP titled “Truth Be Told Part 1” – a five song compilation that will be available in Asia by late October.

Greyson has already released one single from the EP titled "Sunshine & City Lights" and is currently working on a new music video for the track.

You can watch Greyson performing "Sunshine & City Lights" for the first time live on stage in Eugene Oregon earlier this year at the following link:

Video: Greyson Performs Sunshine & City Lights - First Time LIVE!! 

A full blown album is still slated for early 2013 but Greyson said he wanted to share his new EP with his fans while they waited for the album to be completed.

Greyson Chance Truth Be Told Track List
Truth Be Told Track List
Greyson hosted a Spreecast last week to explain to his U.S. fans how the EP would be released into various international markets - including the U.S.

Related: Watch Greyson's Spreecast about his EP release - VIDEO

In addition to his promo shows we suspect Greyson will also do TV, print, and radio press while visiting.

As we get more info we will share it with you...

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