Tuesday, October 2, 2012

VIDEO: Greyson Chance Releases Studio Version of “Sunshine & City Lights”

Greyson Chance practicing Sunshine & City Lights Video
Greyson Chance practicing Sunshine & City Lights

It’s been a while since Greyson Chance released any new music on his official YouTube channel – but today that all changed!

Greyson just released the official studio version of his latest song “Sunshine & City Lights” along with the new cover art to be used on the single.

Greyson has already performed SCL live on four different occasions but this is our first listen to the studio version.

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Greyson took to twitter last night in a rare tweet-fest that included 15 tweets in less than an hour where he told his fans,
“Sunshine and City Lights is about being young and making relationships with new experiences. I have worked so hard on it and I think it's time for you to hear the studio version.”
It is expected that “Sunshine & City Lights” will be one of the five songs released on his new EP scheduled for release this month.

Prior to the official video release, #sclpremiere became a Worldwide trending topic on Twitter showing once again that Enchancers go hard!

Watch Greyson’s “Sunshine & City Lights” Studio Version

Well? What did you think? Was it what you were expecting?

Greyson also shared the new cover art for "Sunshine & City Lights" and says it was inspired by looking at a Van Gogh painting...

"Sunshine & City Lights" Van Gogh inspired Cover Art

Greyson tweeted a couple of weeks ago letting his fans now that he will be releasing a special 5 song EP as a “Thank You” to his fans for waiting so long for his new album.

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While the new EP will drop in October, there is still no official release date for his completed album.

We also hear there may be a new music video coming for “Sunshine & City Lights” and that his 2012 U.S. Tour plans are being finalized!

Your fans are ready for everything you got Greyson!

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