Sunday, November 25, 2012

VIDEO - Greyson Chance Takeover Ep. 23 – Performing “Sunshine & City Lights"

Greyson Chance performing Sunshine & City Lights on AwesomenessTV
Greyson Chance performing Sunshine & City Lights

Sunday is here and another Greyson Chance Takeover episode from Awesomeness TV is out!

This week is episode 23 and we find Greyson Chance and Michael Warren in a new location performing a track from his latest EP "Truth Be Told Part 1"

This week the two are performing “Sunshine & City Lights” somewhere in a parking lot.... not quite as exotic as last week.

Watch Greyson Chance Performing Sunshine & City Lights

Last week Greyson and Michael were up in the Hollywood hills performing “Take My Heart” and it was our first indication that the next few AwesomenessTV episodes were going to be the two performing tracks from the new EP.

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It looks like they are planning FIVE music videos in total - Now THAT really is Awesome!

You can watch any of the last 23 episodes of Greyson's Awesomeness TV video series at the special link below!

Watch: Greyson Chance Takeover Episodes 1-23 – VIDEOS

Greyson also answered another fan mail question – this time about what one item (besides his bullet necklace) he always has to have with him...

In Other News:

Greyson is currently hibernating at home after coming off the road from his recent Asian tour where he visited Malaysia, the Philippines, and then Singapore for a MTV Sessions TV Appearance where he covered Michael Jackson's song "Human Nature" and Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy".

He also did a quick show in Pittsburgh for their "Santa Spectacular" celebration before returning to Edmond to celebrate Thanksgiving with Whiskey and his family.

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Related: Greyson Chance Performs in Pittsburgh - VIDEO

You can see all our posts of Greyson’s performances, TV Interviews, and funny moments while he was on tour at our special blog link “Greyson Chance Returns to Asia 2012”.

But the big news of the week is that there will be a special “Truth Be Told: Relive the Greyson Chance Experience” on December 2, 2012 at 4:00 at Trinoma in the Philippines where fans can relive Greyson's recent show by watching video and visiting with other fans.

There will be merchandise and raffles with some pretty cool prizes including a full size cutout standee of Greyson as well as a “Comfort Pillow” with a photo of Greyson on it.

Greyson Chance Full Size Cardboard Standee Cut Out Poster
Greyson's Full Size Standee!
Greyson Chance Pillow
Greyson Chance "Comfort Pillow"

To be clear, Greyson WILL NOT be traveling to the Philippines for this event as it is more of a get together for fans to relive the experience of his most recent performances in Manila.

However, we would not be surprised if Greyson has a special pre-recorded video message for his fans that will be shown during the event.

You can see all the event details here at a special Universal Music Philippines Facebook page.

Our new mission in life is to get our hands on one of those life size standees of Greyson… Let’s go E-bay!

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  1. Excuse me for being underwhelmed that the big news of the week is that The Philippine fans are gonna watch a video.

    As for the prizes - LOLOLOLO!

    Greyson "hibernating at home" is code for - HE'S BEEN DUMPED BY HIS LABEL. First they took away the Band and replaced it with a guitarist/vocalist, Mike Warren. Then the promised American tour has not appeared.

    But the clincher, the Elephant in the Room, is the resounding silence concerning his Second Album. "Hibernating at home" means that THERE WILL BE NO SECOND ALBUM, or he'd be working on it day and night (and some).

    IMO, to escape from the LA Music Mafia is the best thing that could possibly happen to Greyson. He's fifteen, done the pop idol thing, learned the music business inside out; NOW is the time to move on. Catch up with the rest of his life and emerge in a few years like a butterfly from a chrysalis.

    There's no way on earth that he won't be a successful and fulfilled musician in five year's time. Talent and love of music means a happy and productive life awaits Greyson Chance. Which is what he truly deserves. Yes?

    1. Hey look! Greyson’s favorite troll is out of rehab! Fortunately, even a 14 year old knows what duck shit smells like and is smart enough not to eat it. Hopefully an admin will see your comment and delete it someday so your words don’t stink the place up for too long. Nice troll bait though!

    2. HEY AnonyMOUSE!

      Won't reveal yourself? What have you got to hide? lol

      Nothing pertinent to contribute?

      Never mind, Saddo. Duck knows who you are :)


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