Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Did Ryan Good Jump Ship to go Work for Cody Simpson and Greyson Chance?

Ryan Good
The rumor mill is running rampant this week after Ryan Good announced he was leaving Justin Bieber’s team to “pursue other interests”.

What could those interests be?

The gossip mongers are saying now that Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun has signed up to manage Cody Simpson that he has also tapped Ryan Good to act as Cody’s new swagger coach, mentor, and tour manager.

In addition to Ryan acting as “Style Coach” for Justin Bieber, he was also the main man behind the scenes planning, promoting, and executing all the details of his concert tours.

Scooter Braun
Ryan Good knows the business and knows how to get things done!

And since Bieber had a soft spot for Ellen DeGeneres, and Ellen signed Greyson Chance, and Greyson and Cody are friends and tour together - Ryan may also have been asked to work with Greyson as well.

One gossip person of particular mongerish insight says,
“It’s not about honing their talent as much as it would be to provide swagger, mentoring, and tour support. These kids need to stay kids as long as possible and not get lost in a world full of adults.”

If you look back at Greyson’s 20/20 interview the poor kid was almost in tears when he talked about how lonely it gets while on the road.

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But think back to Justin’s early days waiting backstage between shows when he had Segway races, played ping pong, had water balloon fights, had his friends Chaz and Ryan on tour with him – this is kid stuff and part of what Bieber claims helped keep him grounded and able to still be a kid in an adult world.

Ryan Good and Scooter Braun Goofing Around

With Scooter managing Cody and working with the Cody/Greyson tour team later this year on their 2011 Winter Tour, it makes sense for Ryan to step in to help them stay grounded and have a chance to still be kids, and to also have someone who can manage and promote large arena shows with Scooter.

And THAT’S what Ryan Good is known for.

Justin and Scooter
All we have heard are rumors and nothing has been officially announced, but the music business is one big happy family and it sounds like a very plausible plan to us.

We have no doubt we will once again hear “Aw C’mon” being uttered backstage by Ryan Good – but next time it may be at a Cody Simpson and Greyson Chance concert.

Can you picture Cody and Greyson sporting bright red Vans, wearing women’s jeans, and learning some killer dance moves?

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