Sunday, October 2, 2011

Video – Greyson Sings “Purple Sky” At HRC Dinner Last Night – NEW VIDEO!

Greyson Sings Purple Sky Live
He did it!

Greyson Chance sang “Purple Sky” live last night in Washington D.C. at the 15th Annual HRC Dinner.

“Purple Sky” was a great song to sing live at an event that supports gay, lesbian, transgendered and bi-sexual equality and national civil rights.

Greyson and Cyndi Lauper both performed to the sold out crowd of 3,000.

“Don’t let them change you because you are beautiful, just like the purple sky!”

Man, does he look sharp in a suit!

Greyson even gave a shout out to those that have already gone to that great place in Heaven after he finished the song saying,

“Thank you, and thank you to everybody watching above.”

What a very mature young man.

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