Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Video - ABC News Tries to Explain Why Greyson Chance Became Famous – #EpicFail?

Greyson on ABC News
Sometimes when adults try to explain what happens in the life of a teenager it turns out to be an epic fail.

And when they try to comprehend why artists and singers like Greyson Chance and Justin Bieber are so popular they clearly seem confused and unable to understand the phenomenon.

When ABC News set out to document the rise of Greyson’s career they had the opportunity to really do it justice, but we think they fell a little flat in their attempt.

Don’t get us wrong – it is a great video and interview, but you can almost smell the skepticism in adult host Neal Karlinsky’s voice - who, well… just doesn’t seem to understand Greyson’s incredible success so far.

Greyson Performing on Stage

Everything in the interview is real, and Greyson explains things from his heart – but the host just seems confused as to why people love him!

Oh you funny adults….. Don’t you realize yet this has turned into a kid’s world? We run things and you just don’t know it yet.

During the segment Greyson talks about feeling like an oddball while in middle school and how lonely things get when he is on the road.

He also talks about the awkward feeling he gets sometimes when spending all his time around adults and business people.

He also gives us a good look at his tour bus complete with his bunk bed and collection of fan gifts.

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Maybe it was just us, but host Neal Karlinsky just didn’t seem to get it at all. Couldn’t you just hear the confusion in his voice?

But we love any Greyson video or interview where we learn something NEW - and we did with this one.

Another good interview where Greyson talks about being lonely while on the road was his interview on 20/20. During that one he actually looked like he was ready to cry when asked if he got lonely. Aww…

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Now we just have to wait for the release of his 2011-2012 winter tour schedules and to see if he will actually win a Grammy Award this season for his hard work.

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Thanks Greyson! No how about some of those rock climbing pictures for your fans?

Follow @GreysonChanceU on Twitter – We don’t have a tour bus either…

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