Friday, November 25, 2011

Greyson Chance Interview with Creative Disc in Jakarta Indonesia - Funny!

Greyson Chane during Creative Disc Interview in Jakarta

So while all of us back in the United States were enjoying our Thanksgiving dinner last night, Greyson Chance was sitting at a roundtable interview at the Hotel Intercontinental in Jakarta Indonesia giving a press conference to the Creative Disk Music Weblog.

We haven’t found a video of it yet but we do have the audio and it’s worth a listen.

Greyson talked about his now infamous “Bullet Necklace” and said his original one broke and is in the shop so he is wearing a copy until it is fixed.

Greyson at the Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta
He mentioned that he DOES plan to return to Southeast Asia next year and is planning a much larger show than this year.

Greyson says his current iPod playlist includes songs by Adele and Coldplay and suggested that the song “Home Is In Your Eyes” was written about a girl he once knew.

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The best question was “What was the craziest thing that happened while on tour in Asia?” and he told the story about being bitten by a fan on the way to the bathroom in the Philippines.

He also talks about the food he has tried including the fried bananas and all the different spices and how he can’t wait to get home so he can go to Subway and Outback Steak House!

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It is an interesting interview and is almost twelve minutes long so it’s one of the longest interviews he gave while on tour.

You can also snoop around our blog and find all the other videos, press conferences, and interviews he gave while in Manila, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, KK, Jakarta, and elsewhere in Asia.

As we are writing this post, Greyson is still on a plane somewhere over the Pacific Ocean on his 17 hour flight back to Los Angeles.

Greyson in Jakarta Indonesia
Once he gets rested he will return to the studio to continue rehearsing for his upcoming 2012 tour, and writing new music that will be available next year.

And don’t forget he will be making his second appearance on “Raising Hope” in the coming months - and we were able to score a few top secret photos of Greyson on the set while filming the yet unseen episodes.

He can also be heard in December when he lends his voice to one of the animated characters on the “American Dad” Christmas special.

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  1. It's the first time, I think, that Greyson has talked about his voice change, which is due soon. He says that trained musicians should expect few problems with this. Indeed, he has already seen signs of things changing, and he's excited at the prospect.
    Even if his voice is rough for a while, it won't stop me from listening to him. His musical genius is not about to disappear.


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