Tuesday, April 17, 2012

VIDEO - Greyson Chance Appears in “Only In Malaysia” Documentary – Funny Stuff!

Greyson Chance in "Only In Malaysia" Short Film

Remember in April when we tweeted some pictures of Greyson Chance on the set of a film project in Malaysia?

Well, now we can tell you what he was doing and what the project was!

Greyson on Set
Greyson appeared in a scene of a documentary called “Only In Malaysia” which is a short film showing all the neat things that can only be found, done, seen, and eaten in Malaysia.

The production was produced as a collaboration between Hitz.FM and Jinny Boy TV, and since Greyson appeared in an interview on Hitz.FM earlier in the day he agreed to make an appearance in the film.

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Greyson appears in the video starting at about 3:50 but the entire video is clever, funny and educational.

Greyson plays the cousin of a girl who lives in Malaysia and they meet some of her friends for lunch and Greyson takes over by ordering all kinds of traditional Malaysian food and speaking the Malaysian language!

Watch Greyson Chance in “Only in Malaysia”

Now, you all know that I have been trying to learn Bahasa for months and to hear young Greyson order a meal with such ease is… well, making me look bad. So I guess I’ll have to work harder on my language skills in case I need to order food next time I’m in Malaysia…

The behind the scenes portion of this video shoot was also used in Greyson's second episode for his "Greyson Chance Takeover" series on Awesomeness TV.

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Greyson's series is documenting his 2012 Asian tour by profiling select performances and showing tons of unseen and behind the scenes footage - a new episode is added to YouTube every Sunday.

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