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VIDEO: Barbie Forteza Meets Greyson Chance – “Will You Be My Boyfriend?”

Greyson Chance meets Barbie Forteza in the Philippines - 2012

Relax Enchancers - Barbie Forteza and Greyson Chance are just friends!

Filipino actress Barbie Forteza got the opportunity of a lifetime over the weekend when she met one of her favorite teen idols - Greyson Chance.

The two celebrities meet for the first time during a fan meet and greet in Manila.

Forteza was clearly star struck and spazzing over Greyson and was almost unable to speak when she finally met him.

Greyson and Barbie meet for the first time in Manila!

Barbie tried to hold back her emotions as she gave her special message to Greyson while the press snapped photographs and Greyson’s fans looked on in amazement and disbelief.

Forteza started to cry and yelled out in her native language,
"Wala akong pakielam sa hitsura ko. Kahit parang hulas na hulas na 'ko, sigaw ako ng sigaw!"
Forteza says she has seen Greyson in concert before and was lucky enough to see him perform in Manila on April 22nd at the Big Dome.

Through her tears, Barbie told Greyson,
"I just hope you keep inspiring me and other people with your very nice songs. And I am just very happy and very lucky to meet you."
Greyson meets Barbie Forteza in Manila

Barbie then took to the microphone to address the crowd of fans then turned to Greyson to ask a BIG question,
"I'm single, you're single… will you follow me on Twitter?"
The teen idols shared their twitter names and Greyson told the crowd,
“I’m single and will stay single forever because I am married to my fans.”
With that, the crowd erupted in an amazing roar of cheers and sighs of relief from adoring fans. Below is a video of the two stars meeting!

Greyson and Barbie share twitter names
But by Tuesday, Enchancers world wide had erupted with frustration as they took to twitter to let Barbie know they would have nothing to do with her trying to take their favorite singer away from them.

Greyson's fans trended "Greyson Belongs To Enchancers" to let Greyson know they would not give him so easily.
"The internet and twitter erupted with mean and nasty message about Barbie. It seems Greyson's fans want nothing to do with a Barbie and Greyson relationship and they made themselves very very clear. We suspect this is just an example of puppy love and by now both have moved on and are getting back to their successful careers."
Watch Greyson Chance meet Barbie Forteza in Manila

Greyson has just finished his 2012 Asian tour with his show in Manila after doing shows in Jakarta Indonesia, KL Malaysia, and Singapore and will now be traveling to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Thailand for smaller, more intimate showcase performances and promotional appearances.

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Greyson will return to the United States sometime around May 7th 2012 when it is widely expected he will release information about his new upcoming album and 2012 summer tour in the United States.

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