Tuesday, May 8, 2012

VIDEO - Greyson Chance Appears on Channel V Music Thailand

Greyson Chance on Channel V Music Bangkok Thailand - 2012
Greyson Chance on Channel V Music Thailand - 2012

Greyson Chance may already be back home in Los Angeles, but some of the best quality video of his 2012 Asian Tour is just starting to surface!

Greyson was able to take a vacation day last week after landing in Thailand and went to a zoo, stepped into a boxing ring for a photo shoot, and then performed an acoustic Showcase at the Central Word Plaza for his last show on his tour.

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But before leaving Bangkok, Greyson visited with his friends at Channel V Music to perform a couple of his songs from his special Asian edition of “Hold on ‘Til the Night.” He also talked about his experience with meeting Lady Gaga and writing his first album "Hold on 'Til the Night" and how he decided on the name.

Greyson Chance Appears on Channel V Music Bangkok Thailand 2012

It's interesting that Greyson says he doesn't like to watch his own "Paparazzi" video because it makes him feel weird and he thinks his hair looks funny!

Greyson wrapped up his 2012 Asian tour last week and is now back in America to finish up his upcoming album and plan his 2012 U.S. tour.

You can view all our blog posts of Greyson’s concert videos, interviews, radio show, pranks, and more at our special blog link “Greyson’s 2012 Asian Tour Adventure.

We have also uploaded all our photos from Greyson's Asia tour into albums on our Facebook page so be sure to check then out and see if you can see yourself in any of them!

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