Friday, September 7, 2012

VIDEO - Greyson Chance CCTV/MTV Awards HD Re-Broadcast

Greyson Chance accepts his CCTV MTV award in Beijing China Video
Greyson Chance accepts his CCTV MTV award in Beijing China

You may remember that Greyson Chance was in Beijing China last month to accept the CCTV/MTV award for “Best New International Artist”.

Up until now, we have only seen medium quality snippets of video of Greyson’s acceptance speech and performance of "Sunshine & City Lights" with musician Michael Warren.

Now that the awards show has been officially broadcast throughout China, the HD version of Greyson’s part of the show has made its way to China’s equivalent of YouTube.

Greyson Chance and Michael Warren performing in Beijing

Greyson sang “Waiting Outside The Lines” and “Sunshine & City Lights” during the broadcast, as well as accepting his award and giving a nice acceptance speech.

This is the first video of high enough quality that we can really hear Michael’s guitar playing and backup vocals.

The following video is streamed from China so there may be a few pauses but it’s worth watching the pro quality of the broadcast.

Watch Greyson Chance in Beijing China

If the above video is blocked in your country or stops working you can access it directly at this link:

Direct Link:

It’s amazing to watch how Greyson can “change up” a song over time, and his deeper voice has made it necessary to transpose some of the melodies and change some of his vocals to a lower key.

We suspect this baritone voice will be what we see on his new upcoming album and 5 song EP that will be released in October.

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Greyson announced last week during a #AskGreyson twitter session that the single for “Sunshine & City Lights” will most likely be released in early October and prior to his full length album.

No date has been announced yet for the full length album release.

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