Monday, October 22, 2012

VIDEO – Greyson Chance Stars in “The Making of Truth Be Told Part One”

Greyson Chance in the studio working on "Truth Be Told" Video
Greyson Chance in the studio working on "Truth Be Told"

Greyson Chance just shared a cool new video on his YouTube channel showing him and the boys in the studio working on his album “Truth Be Told Part One”.

Greyson took to Twitter to say,
“After hours of recording + hours of editing. We put together a video! Here it is, the making of Truth Be Told pt. 1”
The video is set to “Sunshine & City Lights” and is a montage of video snippets taken over the past year as Greyson worked on his new album.

It’s really cool. You see Greyson at the mixing board, in the vocal booth, at the computer, and on the Whirly and Piano.

Watch Greyson Chance Making his “Truth Be Told Album”

Greyson should be heading off to Asia later this week and his new EP drops on October 29th...

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  1. Soo innocent and adorable. Could he be any better of a person?

  2. Can't wait to actually buy the EP and album AND see the SCL music video.... Oh man...


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