Monday, October 22, 2012

VIDEO - Greyson Chance Video Chats with Hitz.FM Radio

Greyson Chance Chatting with Hitz.FM Radio VIdeo
Greyson Chance Chatting with Hitz.FM Radio

Greyson Chance is getting ready to leave this week for his Asian promo tour through KK and Kuching Malaysia, Manila Philippines, and Singapore and he is already doing a little press before he leaves.

Yesterday, Greyson did a video chat with his friends at the Hitz.FM radio station where he answered a few questions.

We wondered if Greyson’s love for durian fruit would come up on this tour – and the questions have already started!

Watch Greyson Chance answer questions with Hitz.FM 

But that is not the wildest radio interview Greyson has done so far because last week he called in to RX 93.1 while he was sick with a cold and the hosts actually got Greyson to freestyle rap….. yup… we said rap.

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Greyson will be leaving this weekend on his promo trip and will arrive in Asia by October 30, 2012 to promote and perform songs off his new EP "Truth Be Told Part One".

You can see all his interviews, videos, and performances here on our blog so stop back often!

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