Saturday, October 27, 2012

LISTEN - Complete Greyson Chance “Truth Be Told Part One” EP

Greyson Chance in the studio working on his new EP and Album
Greyson Chance in the studio working on his new EP and Album

Greyson Chance officially released his new “Truth Be Told Part 1” EP in Asian markets today, and within an HOUR it had climbed to NUMBER ONE on the iTunes chart!

And before leaving for his promo trip, Greyson also uploaded all the tracks on "Truth Be Told" to his YouTube channel so his fans around the world can listen to all the new songs.

There are SIX songs on the new EP with the sixth being a remix of “Sunshine & City Lights” that is a bit funky – but we love it all!

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Here is the complete audio of Greyson's new EP “Truth Be Told Part 1”

Listen to "California Sky" – Truth Be Told Part 1

Listen to "Leila" from Truth Be Told Part 1

Listen to "Take My Heart" from Truth Be told

Listen to "You Might Be the One" from Truth Be Told

Listen to "Sunshine & City Lights" - Original

Listen to the Sunshine & City Lights - NEW Remix

Greyson left for Asia on Monday to kick off his promo tour for the EP and you can track his every move here on our blog!

He has already video chatted with the Hitz.FM radio show in Malaysia, and done some freestyle rap with his friends at RX 93.1 in the Philippines, and we suspect he has a full schedule of events while on tour.

You can watch it all happen at our special blog link "Greyson Returns to Asia - 2012" to see all his interviews, performance videos, and promo projects.

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  1. like! you might be the one :)

  2. nice remix!
    <sunshine and the city lights............

  3. you might be the one is totally amazing! I love all of his songs absolutely :)

  4. I can't download the songs Take My Heart & You Might Be The One!
    Why is it to be flv? I want to put the songs of Truth Be Told in my Ipod Shuffle!

  5. What is the main URL of these songs?


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