Wednesday, October 31, 2012

TRANSCRIPT - Greyson Chance Twitter Q & A Session - Oct 30, 2012 - So, Who Is Leila?

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Greyson Chance took a minute Tuesday to interact with his fans on Twitter by hosting an impromptu question and answer session.

This was his first chat since releasing his new EP "Truth Be Told" to Asia and YouTube.

Greyson got things started when he tweeted,
“I have a quick second to go on a tweet spree! Ask me any questions or comments about #truthbetold - I'd love to hear them.”
In case you missed Greyson’s Twitter spree here is the transcript of the questions and answers.

Q: Each track tells a story, a relatable one, I love that so much…
A: Thank you. Stories of mine were a big part of the process

Q: When did you start planning and writing this EP?
A: After my first big breakup. I decided to stop writing about heartbreak.

Q: When is the music video for #SCL coming out?
A: Very soon. Just got the final cut!!

Q: How long did it take to finish the EP?
A: Around 8 months. I write too many songs!

Q: Name one song that was supposed to be in the EP but didn't make it
A: If Love is a War

Q: Will we being hearing some piano in #truthbetold part 2?
A: Yes you will. A lot of guitar too.

Q: Why did you name the EP #truthbetold and not after a song on the EP?
A: I felt that it perfectly described the record.

Q: What was your favorite part of writing #truthbetold?
A: The long nights of recording. I love writing at night!

Q: Greyson, what is the meaning of Leila?
A: The meaning is about finding that perfect person who has no flaws.

Q: what is your favorite snack when the making of #truthbetold?
A: By far P.F Changs

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  1. grey i dont have flaws so i can be leila
    and 1 thing about the word leila you erase the e and scamble the the letters it wil be alli is alli you leila ???? hmmm let me think about it (: ):


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