Sunday, October 28, 2012

VIDEO - Greyson Chance Takeover Ep. 19 - “Greyson Takes Over Times Square”

Greyson Chance in Times Square working on SCL Music Video
Greyson Chance in Times Square working on SCL Music Video

Sunday is here and another Greyson Chance Takeover episode from Awesomeness TV is out!

This week is episode 19 and we are back in New York filming the climatic final scenes for Greyson's new "Sunshine & City Lights" music video.

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Greyson and his female friend are filming in Manhattan and Brooklyn and if you look close you will even see a flash of Greyson's dad Scott in a few shots!

Watch Greyson Chance Takeover Ep. 19

We always love seeing behind the scenes kind of footage and we can't wait to actually see the final video!

You can watch any of the last 19 episodes of Greyson's Awesomeness TV video series at the special link below!

Watch: Greyson Chance Takeover Episodes 1-19 – VIDEOS

In Other News:

Greyson is probably packing right now for his trip to Asia and the start of his upcoming promo tour next week. He will visit Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore to perform both old and new songs.

Below are some links of pre-promo work Greyson did last week while he was still in the U.S. to promote his trip.

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  Listen: Listen to the Complete “Truth Be Told Part 1” EP

Greyson’s “Truth Be Told Part 1” EP will be released October 29, 2012 in Asia and on YouTube, and elsewhere around the world in December or January.

As usual, our Ninjas will be following Greyson’s every move during his tour and reporting all the news, photos, concert footage, and interviews here on our blog.

You can follow the action at our special blog link "Greyson Returns To Asia"

See you on Twitter!

And Greyson, let us know if you see any of our purple Ninjas next week…

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