Friday, February 22, 2013

VIDEO REPLAY – Greyson Chance on the John Lennon Tour Bus Wearing Glasses!

Greyson Chance John Lennon Glasses Tour Bus 2013 Video
Greyson Chance interview on the John Lennon Tour Bus

Greyson Chance emerged from his hibernation today to drive himself to the Academy of Contemporary Music in Oklahoma City for a visit to the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus.

Yea, that’s right…. We said drive himself!

Now that Greyson has his learner’s permit he has taken to the road and said he has already mastered how to drive a stick shift on the interstate - an impressive feat indeed...

Greyson was also wearing glasses for the first time in a while and we have to say we think they REALLY make him look good and much more mature.

Greyson Chance Drivers License Wearing Glasses 2013 Video
Greyson Chance showing off his learners permit

Now, for those who actually watched the live feed you know there were a few audio problems and the entire first part was about a band creating some really bizarre music. Fortunately, the video below by our favorite Ninja Zeg33k jumps right to Greyson's interview!

But even once Greyson’s part starts you will STILL run into audio problems so you’ll just have to sit back and watch his pretty face without any sound for a minute or two.

But be patient, the audio problems get fixed and the rest of the video was fine.

For those who want to see the cool equipment on the tour bus you can take a virtual tour at the following link:

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Greyson Chance wearing Glasses 2013 Video Tour Bus
Greyson Chance wearing his new glasses

There was not much new information disclosed during Greyson’s Twitter question and answer session, but he did answer OUR question about where he recorded all his songs on “Truth Be Told Part 1”, and a question about what would happen if he had a spider on his head…

All in all it was good to see Greyson out and about again.

It had been so long I think we were all starting to forget what Greyson even looked like, and if he had waited any longer we wouldn’t have recognized him with his grown-back hair and new glasses!

The good stuff starts at 3:10 and you need to turn up the volume!!

Thanks Zeg33k for uploading your video to YouTube! Let's all follow her to show our support!!

Watch Greyson Chance Q&A Session on the Lennon Bus

Worst audio quality ever by the Lennon Bus people but we'll take it anyway right?

Of course Greyson had to deny that he knew anything about the “Harlem Shake” video, but the sly look on his face when he said “That wasn’t me in the corner…” gave him away!

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Greyson did seem to go into great detail about stalking his Twitter followers so we guess Greyson Chance Universe will maybe have to be a bit more careful about the things we say on Twitter… but we probably won't ;)

We have also uploaded an album to our Facebook page here with a few pictures of Greyson, his glasses, and his drivers license.

So, do YOU like to see Greyson wearing glasses?

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  1. Love the glasses greyson!

  2. I loved it. And it's good to know that he keeps stalking his fans on Twitter like he used to. And the glasses OMG! Plus: he's gonna take all over OKC with his driver license LOL

  3. I love it so much.. love the glasses greyson chance.. love you too

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