Sunday, October 21, 2012

VIDEO - Greyson Chance Takeover Ep. 18 - “Sunshine & City Lights” Behind The Scenes

Sunday is here and another Greyson Chance Takeover episode from Awesomeness TV is out!

Greyson Chance Sunshine & City Lights Music Video
Sunshine & City Lights Music Video
This week is episode 18 and the documentary of Greyson’s Asian promo tour is over and we now move into the recording studio to watch Greyson working on his upcoming EP “Truth Be Told”.

This week’s episode gives us a sneak peek behind the scenes as Greyson and his team work on filming his new music video for “Sunshine & City Lights”.

Greyson was in Long Island New York last weekend to film segments of the video and tweeted several photos of him working on set.

We knew Greyson was excited about this weeks show when he took to twitter to tell his fans,
“I just watched the next @awesomenesstv episode. Hint hint, you will get to see behind the scenes from the SCL video...tune in Sunday!!”
We really love watching Greyson behind the scenes and in the recording studio - he really seems to know his way around this business!

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No word yet on when the new “SCL” music video will be available but we suspect in will be released just before his new album drops in early 2013.

Watch Greyson Chance Takeover Episode 18 from Awesomeness TV

You can watch any of the last 18 episodes of Greyson's video series at the special link below!

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In Other News:

This week Greyson will be traveling to Asia for a two week promotional tour of his “Truth Be Told” EP and plans to hit up Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines.

Greyson Chance Truth Be Told EP Cover Art
Truth Be Told EP Cover Art
Last week Greyson released previews of all five songs off his “Truth Be Told Part One” EP, and held a radio interview with 93.1 Radio in the Philippines where the hosts were able to get him to freestyle rap... we’re not kidding… you read that correctly… RAP - check the link below.

More details about Greyson’s November 9th appearance on Singapore’s MTV Sessions have been announced along with more news about his November 11th visit to the Ayala Mall Complex in the Philippines.

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Listen: Greyson Previews Tracks From “Truth Be Told Part 1” EP

Greyson’s “Truth Be Told Part One” EP will be released October 29, 2012 in Asia and YouTube, and elsewhere around the world in January.

As usual, our Ninjas will be stalking Greyson during his upcoming promo tour and reporting back to YOU with news, photos, concert footage, and interviews.

See you on Twitter!

And Greyson, let us know if you see one of our secret purple Ninja spies next week…

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